Welcome to The Perfect Dream

The Perfect Boy played by Jacob Rosenberg, Photography by Alina Gozina

The Perfect Boy film was created in Australia and the US by first time filmmaker Amy L Tam in collaboration with over one hundred creatives, from Sydney to London, Los Angeles and New York with the intention to open a public discussion about the power of perception and the influence of the image on personal and inter-personal relationships within the family unit, culturally and globally.

This site includes information on raising awareness about the power of the mind to be programmed with belief systems and ways in which, we can consciously program our individual consciousness, to reflect the reality we wish to live, rather than passively consume concepts often created centuries before we were even born.

Our beliefs are not the truth. A belief is simply a thought we have practiced thinking over and over again. Every where we look, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are constantly consuming concepts and ideas, which repeated enough times, gradually become beliefs. These thoughts are inspired and projected from our families, peers, culture, media and very powerfully by Film and Television.

By becoming aware of this, one empowers themselves to become a conscious chooser of the concepts they consume, rather than an unconscious one. The choice made to act on this awareness can mean the difference between living your own life and living someone elses.

We are evolving in powerful times of change. Particularly, we are coming to an increasing and collective understanding of the way our minds work and our ability to benefit from its full capacities, often untapped by the majority of the masses. The Perfect Boy film story centers around a tragic drama created purely by the mind and its great capacity to create any reality it wants, which can appear so ‘real’, yet turn out to be a mere figment of the imagination.

It is within this genius of the imagination, that every human has an incredible power to create worlds.

Our vision is for a human race, which deliberately and consciously uses their own genius capacity, to create a peaceful and joyful world through awakening to their great ability to choose their reality consciously. Through becoming aware of the way our minds work and how they shape our perception of the world, the potential to create our greatest dreams are literally at our disposal in the here and now.

We invite you to visit the ‘Consciousness’ section of our site for information and resources on the latest information publicly available on the topic of conscious programming and transformation, by luminaries from all over the world.

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